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Civic Season

Each year, from Juneteenth to the Fourth of July, we recognize Civic Season. During these summer weeks, we join with hundreds of thousands of people from communities across the country to learn about community history, participate in activities, and volunteer to make our community and the nation a more perfect union. Visit our Civic Season page to learn about the museum's related activities and resources.

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Civic Season June 19 to July 4

LGBTQ+ History

LGBTQ+ history is a part of American history that the museum has been documenting since its founding, both knowingly and unknowingly. Our collections span centuries and include objects related to protest and politics, medicine and psychology, love and marriage, sports and entertainment, and more. During Pride Month in June, visit our topic page to explore the historical resources our museum has to offer.

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Fabric panel with inscription, I came here today to ask that this nation with all its resources and compassion not let my epitaph read, he died of red tape.
Panel from the AIDS Memorial Quilt honoring activist Roger Lyon, who died of AIDS in 1984. Shortly before his death, Lyon testified before Congress to appeal for funding to combat the growing epidemic.

Latinas Talk Latinas

This video series introduces you to the lives of 17 Latinas, as told by educators, curators, and scientists across the Smithsonian. Join them as they explore stories of women breaking barriers—in everything from music and fashion to community organizing and scientific exploration—who have shaped the United States.

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graphic shows black and white photographs of latina women. The banner in the middle reads, "Latinas Talk Latinas"