Family of Voices

Engaging Through Sports

I joined every single after-school club including bowling, and I was the worst bowler. Or softball—I couldn't even hit the ball, but I joined. I signed up and I went. [more...]

I still remember going into the locker room and the gym teacher saying, "Okay, explain to him [in Spanish] this is his locker. Explain this, explain that." It was very odd because I felt like I was becoming a different person... It almost felt like this part of me that I'd been ignoring; it was sort of intruding a little bit on this image of myself. [more...]

There were conversations that I probably had without understanding; but now I have to understand it. I didn't know anything about sports—nothing about American football or baseball or basketball…. I didn't know how to carry on a conversation from that perspective. [more...]

I was very athletic. I was a good tennis player, and even when I came to America, I played in all the tennis leagues. [more...]

When I was 13, having my father splurge on having us be able to watch the [Dutch team in the] World Cup final on closed-circuit television—that stands out rather sharply. That was quite an event for me at the time. [more...]

I became a sports guy and spent a good portion of my days on the track. I became sprint champion of Lebanon in the 200 and the 400 meters. [more...]

I met Michele my second year of medical school at a basketball game. To this day, basketball is the thing that keeps me sane. It's the only activity where I really truly relax. [more...]

One of my friends was the only Cuban on the high school football team, and he made a lot of American friends. He was our insider and taught us a lot about the American way of life. [more...]

We also watched USC football and the Lakers on TV. We were big fans. [more...]

I decided in fourth grade that if nobody was ever going to pick me for their sports teams, I would be so good in every sport that I would be the captain and I would do the picking. [more...]