First Ladies' Fashions (page 6 of 6)

First Ladies' Fashions (page 6 of 6)

The First Ladies at the Smithsonian

Cleveland cream velvet bonnet

Frances Cleveland’s velvet bonnet

Garfield lace cap

Lucretia Garfield’s lace cap

Julia Grant’s Evening Gown

Julia Grant wore this white silk damask evening gown in the early 1870s. According to the Grant family, the rose-patterned fabric was a gift from the emperor of China. The underskirt is a prop.

Edith Wilson black hat w/ feathers

Edith Wilson’s black velvet hat

Helen Taft’s Embroidered Chinese Robe

Helen Taft’s green satin Manchu-style coat is embroidered with spring and summer symbols of goldfish and lotus flowers, but is lined with fleece. The fur trim is not typical of the Chinese style and was probably added as a custom order.