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The First Ladies at the Smithsonian

First ladies’ pictures are not confined to official and personal portraits. Admirers have been able to purchase copies of photographs, along with lithographs, engravings, and a variety of souvenirs printed with first ladies’ likenesses. For a time, advertisers appropriated images without consent, and presidents’ wives found themselves endorsing products that they had never used. These images can give us insight into the public’s perception of, and interest in, the first ladies.

Engraving of young Martha Washington – 30” x 22”

Engraving of Martha Washington as a young woman, drawn by J. Oliver Stone after the original painting by John Wollaston and engraved by J. C. Buttre in 1878

Julia Tyler portrait – unframed 31” x 26”

Oil portrait of Julia Tyler, second wife of John Tyler, attributed to Cephus Giovanni Thompson, about 1840

Letitia Tyler portrait – unframed 42” 36”

Oil portrait of Letitia Tyler, first wife of John Tyler, by an unknown artist

Jane Findlay portrait – 32” x 28”

Oil portrait of Jane Findlay by an unknown artist, about 1840. She was a Harrison family friend who came to Washington to assist with the first lady’s duties. Her gown was included in the original 1914 exhibition to represent the administration of William Henry Harrison.