The First Ladies: Introduction

The First Ladies at the Smithsonian

The First Ladies: Introduction

Please note: This online exhibition reflects a version of the First Ladies gallery that closed in 2011. Information about the current First Ladies exhibition, located in the Susan and Elihu Rose Gallery, can be found here.

The First Ladies exhibition was made possible by generous support from Lifetime Television and The Elizabeth Carolyn Lux Foundation.

For decades, the first ladies exhibition has been one of the most popular attractions at the Smithsonian Institution. It is beloved by visitors who come to admire the famous collection of gowns and to learn about the contributions made by the women who wore them.

Over the years, the Museum has expanded the collection and updated the exhibition. The changes keep the collection engaging for visitors who appreciate the evolving examination of the role played by the country’s first ladies as well as the beautiful objects that belonged to them.