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The First Ladies at the Smithsonian

White House Entertaining

Hundreds of ceremonial, social, and political events take place at the White House each year. Official White House invitations, menus, and entertainment programs help document these occasions, which can range from visits of foreign leaders to receptions involving congressional arm-twisting. Along with china and tableware, these objects portray the official style of the White House under each first lady.

Abigail Adams sauce dish

Abigail and John Adams purchased this sauce dish in France as part of a Sèvres service.

Louisa Catherine Adams gilt epergne

This gilt-and-brass basket, part of a table plateau or centerpiece, is believed to have belonged to Louisa Catherine Adams.

Lincoln 4 piece chicken foot silver tea set – teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, cup & saucer

Mary Lincoln used this silver coffee service; it has a chicken-foot design.

Madison dish

Dolley Madison entertained with French china by Nast.

Polk china grouping

The Polk state china service included this porcelain fruit basket, dessert plate, and dinner plate.

Lincoln 3-piece carving set

Mary Todd Lincoln’s monogram is engraved on the mother-of-pearl handles of this three-piece carving set.