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FOOD: Transforming the American Table 1950-2000

Vineyard Tools

All objects were used in 1997–98 at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and are gifts from Warren and Barbara Winiarski.

Sign posted around the vineyard, a reminder to drive slowly to keep dust off the grapes

Orchard heater/smudge pot placed at the end of a vineyard row and fueled with kerosene

The smudge pots are lit to prevent the vines from freezing when the temperature drops.

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Pruning shears, long-handled, for trimming vine growth

Pruning shears, handheld, for trimming vine growth

Picking knife for culling the grapes midway through the growing season and for harvesting the crop when the grapes are ripe

Culling, or “dropping crop,” limits the crop and helps concentrate flavor in the remaining grapes.

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Gloves worn by workers picking grapes

The special surface helps keep hands dry while reducing the chance of a knife slipping.

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Picking pan used by workers harvesting the grapes with picking knives

This handwork is done on small estates, while mechanized harvesting is preferred in large vineyards.

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