FOOD: Transforming the American Table

Winery Tools

All objects were used in 1997–98 at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and are gifts from Warren and Barbara Winiarski.

Rake used to guide the grapes out of the gondola and into the press or to rake the stems coming out of the crusher

Winery shovel used for shoveling pomace—the pulpy residue of grapes—that remains in the bottom of the fermenting tank

Dodine, a curved instrument used for stirring the lees, or sediment, at the bottom of a barrel of aging wine

Refractometers are used in the vineyard as well as in the winery

They measure the amount of sugar in the grapes or juice, which is important for determining the optimal time to pick the grapes or for monitoring fermentation.

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Wine thief for extracting a small amount of wine from a barrel for analysis

Bubblers prevent air from getting into a barrel, while allowing gases to escape

Glass carboy holds wine for small fermentations and for use in topping off barrels

Wine glass used to sample wine in the winery’s tasting room

Ceramic jug (“spitting jug”) used by people who wish to taste wine, but not swallow, in the winery’s tasting room