Object Project

View of Object Project

The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation Object Project, a new learning space featuring “everyday things that changed everything,” explores how people, innovative things, and social change shaped life as we know it. It presents familiar objects in a new light, from refrigerators and bicycles, to ready-to-wear clothing and household conveniences as diverse as window screens and deodorant. Visitors will have the opportunity to see and handle objects and explore their significance through historic documents and compelling activities. Object Project features more than 300 objects, a “magic” scrapbook, an opportunity to virtually try on clothing from the collection, and a special version of “The Price is Right.”

Online Exhibition

In the companion website, explore Object Project's innovative objects and themes through four lenses: ready-to-wear clothing, household conveniences, bicycles, and refrigerators. Visit the website.

Essay: "Adventures with Objects"

In this lively, illustrated essay, author Rob Walker explores how venturesome consumers have given cultural meaning to a variety of innovative objects—bicycles, clocks, radios, sneakers, and more—in sometimes unexpected ways. (Note: This site is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.) Visit the illustrated essay.