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Profile profile for PerezLN

Luke Perez

Museum Specialist

B.A. History, Brown University, 2015
M.A. Social Science - History, University of Chicago, 2016
M.A. Art & Museum Studies, Georgetown University, 2017

Research Specialties: 
  • History of U.S. Immigration
  • Latino History
  • Urban History
  • Western History
Role in Museum: 

The Political History accessioning and cataloguing specialist.  Completes incoming and backlogged accessions with curatorial support, resolves pending accessions, and improves accessioning work systems.  Sits on numerous groups and committees dedicated to improving collections stewardship and accountability.


Additionally, works with the Division of Work and Industry, primarily as a cataloguing specialist for the Spanish language broadcasting project ¡Escuchame!


Current Projects:

Cataloguing 2016 Presidential election cycle accessions

Processing Political History's backlog

Cataloguing specialist for "Escuchame: the History of Spanish Language Broadcasting in the U.S."

Professional Affiliations: 

National Council on Public History - New Professional and Student Committee