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Food History

Chef Lena Richard: Culinary Icon and Activist

Chef Lena Richard and others filming a television segment

100 years later, do we think Prohibition was good for the nation?

Happy days are here again banner.

Jimmy Carter: American homebrew hero?

Bringing the outdoors in . . . one squirrel at a time

“Hyperlocal, ultraseasonal, uber-healthy, and utterly delicious”: Reviving indigenous food cultures

Place on the plate: Smith Island, Chesapeake Bay

Multiple layer cake

"What's on your neighbor's table..."

Chef adding spice to a dish of food

Who are the Dewdrop Fairies?

Uncle Sam, playing a pipe, leads a group of children armed with farming tools. Text reads: “Follow the Pied Piper. Join the United States School Garden Army”

Grape gluts and Mother Clones: Prohibition and American wine

The top of a green wine bottle.

La Choy and Korean cofounder Ilhan New: Negotiating Asian culinary identities in America