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Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell History

photo of molten carbonate fuel cell component, 1966.

A component module from a 1966 molten carbonate
fuel cell made for the U.S. Army.

Unnumbered image from the U.S. Army

In the early 1970s, the National Museum of American History (then called the Museum of History and Technology) mounted an exhibition on energy conversion that included examples of fuel cells. The U.S. Army offered a variety of images and objects for donation. This photo shows one of the Army's items, though ultimately it was not collected.

The researcher's note on the photo reads: "1966 - Molten Carbonate fuel cell module available." On the back is written: "An 18 x 2 (1 sq. ft. of cell area) has produced 36.4 watts. This was half again as long as the 12 x 2 shown. The unit shown is sitting on sugar cubes." No additional information accompanies the photo, but this component may have been made by Texas Instruments as part of its molten carbonate work with the Army.

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