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PEM Fuel Cell History

photo of Grubb and Niedrach pouring diesel fuel into a small cell to run a fan.

GE's Thomas Grubb (right) and Leonard Niedrach run a fan with a diesel powered PEM fuel cell in April 1963
Image #059.029 from the Science Service Historical Image Collection

Original General Electric caption:

"Diesel Oil is combined with air in a new General Electric fuel cell, generating electricity directly to power the motor at right. Pouring the fuel (commercial 18-cents-a-gallon diesel oil, simply purified) is Dr. Thomas Grubb, pioneer with Dr. Leonard Niedrach (left) in the development of the first fuel cell to operate successfully with a broad range of inexpensive hydrocarbon fuels at moderate temperatures. The new cell has been operated with a variety of other common liquid fuels as well as such gaseous hydrocarbon fuels as propane and natural gas."

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