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PEM Fuel Cell History

photo of technicians inspecting a PEM fuel cell in the Gemini 7 spacecraft, 1965.

At top: Technicians inspect a PEM fuel cell in the
Gemini 7 spacecraft, 1965.
At bottom: Close-up view of installed cell

Image #059.020 from the Science Service Historical Image Collection

Original NASA caption:

"Spacecraft technicians check the fuel cell in the adapter section of the Gemini VII spacecraft. Three modules each containing 32 individual sections are combined with appropriate control devices to make one fuel cell battery with a rated output of one kilowatt. Two of these batteries, each measuring 25 inches in length and 12.5 inches in diameter, provided on board electric power for the Gemini V eight day space mission."

If you have information about this fuel cell image, or PEM fuel cell technology in general, please fill out the Collecting History questionnaire accessible through the link at the top of the previous page.

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