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PEM Fuel Cell History

A Ballard fuel cell powers a laptop computer.
"A Ballard fuel cell powers
a laptop computer"
Warsitz Enterprises' portable fuel cell power unit.
"Warsitz Enterprises' portable fuel cell power unit"

Micro-fuel cell developed for use in cellular phones.
"Micro-fuel cell developed by Fraunise ISE for use in applications such as cellular phones"

Images courtesy of Breakthrough Technologies Institute/Fuel Cells 2000.

Small electronic devices like cellular telephones, personal data equipment, and camcorders have proliferated in the past decade, requiring huge numbers of batteries and power packs. Aside from the expense, environmental concerns about disposal of these heavy metal-laden power sources are making small fuel cells seem even more attractive. Technical issues are also encouraging this line of research: computers, for example, require very stable power flows of the kind fuel cells can provide.

If you have information about these fuel cell images, or other fuel cell technologies now in development, please fill out the Collecting History questionnaire accessible through the link at the top of the previous page.

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