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Collecting Fuel Cell History

If you have made, sold, or used fuel cells, you can help the Smithsonian understand and collect the history of this important technology.

Below are four questions – please answer any or all of them. Our purpose is strictly to gather information. There are no "right" answers, and your responses may be as brief or detailed as you like. We intend to post selected, edited responses, and we have provided an option for these posts to remain anonymous.


Identification Data


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About Fuel Cell
History and Technology

Tell us about yourself. How did you become interested in fuel cells, how have you been involved with them, and for how long?


In our technical and historical overviews, what devices, projects, people, and events have we missed? Where have we made errors? Where should we look for more extensive information? Be sure we have your name and e-mail address (above) in case we need additional details.


Do you have or know of artifacts, photographs, papers or recordings that would help document the history of fuel cells? Where are they located and whom should we contact about them? Is the material available for donation to the Smithsonian?

The Smithsonian does not appraise or authenticate materials. Due to limited storage space, we may decline materials that are offered.


Do you have any additional comments about fuel cells (or our website)? Thoughts and perspectives on the technology? Its problems and promises?


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All responses and materials submitted will be placed in our project research files at the National Museum of American History and cannot be returned. These files are open to scholars and other researchers. When you submit responses to this project you are granting the Smithsonian Institution permission to use and publish the information for educational, non-commercial purposes, which include posting on our website. Not all responses will be posted, and we may edit those we do post for clarity. We will not publish or post your full name or your e-mail address.

The complete Smithsonian privacy policy may be reviewed by clicking on this link. A new browser window will open–just close that window to return to this form.

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