Internship Program

Are you interested in learning about museum work and practicing professional skills? The NMAH Internship Program supports and shapes the future of museums and museum leadership.

How do we do this? We provide meaningful, supportive professional learning experiences and ensure equitable and inclusive access to the museum and the museum field!

Our NMAH Internship Program application is currently open for Summer 2023.

Only complete SOLAA applications will be considered; this means, at its most basic, a submitted application on SOLAA for the correct semester that includes a learning goals essay and a resume, with the option to also include a transcript/class list or letters of reference. Please note the following due dates:

Spring 2023 applications for the NMAH Internship Program are now closed. Spring intern selections should be made by late November. Spring internships should expect to start at the beginning of February, and internships can last through mid-May.

Summer 2023 applications for the NMAH Internship Program will be due January 17, 2023, at 12 PM EST. Summer intern selections should be made by early March. Summer internships should expect to start at the beginning of June, and internships can last through mid-August.

Please note: some specific internship opportunities are only offered in spring or in summer—not both. Some internships are offered every semester. Please check the internship post to determine when it’s expected to take place. If you’d like to apply for the same internship for spring and for summer, please submit two applications—one for spring, and one for summer. To learn how to submit multiple applications easily, check out our How to Apply guide.

Internships may also be posted on a rolling basis. To get updates about new internship opportunities as they are posted, you’re encouraged to sign up to our recruitment mailing list using this form.

Depending on the status of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all NMAH internships may be virtual or hybrid (part in-person, part virtual); details are included in the individual postings for each internship opportunity. Any in-person or hybrid experience may be converted to virtual or postponed to ensure the safety and health of our staff and interns.

*Please note: All academic appointments may require proof of vaccination for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized (or, for international remote interns, a WHO-recommended) COVID-19 vaccine or have an approved Reasonable Accommodation granting an exemption from vaccine requirements. Please see additional information regarding reasonable accommodations here.

Quick Links:

A small group of interns presents a hands-on daily program during the NMAH Intern Share Fair, Summer 2019.


What is an internship?

Internships at NMAH are professional learning experiences through which an intern learns, under a mentor's guidance, about a museum field that interests them academically or professionally.

An internship should be relevant both to the intern's academic and professional goals and to what we do here at the museum, and all Smithsonian internships are prearranged and structured to take place within a specific time period (typically on a semester basis during spring, summer, or fall).


What internships are offered at NMAH?

Click here to learn more about specific internship opportunities at NMAH! NMAH has offered internships in every department of the museum, including (but definitely not limited to!) curatorial and collections management, museum education and audience engagement, exhibition design and production, communications and marketing, special events and donor relations, and museum operations. However, the specific internships offered each cycle (spring, summer, or fall) depend on mentor availability and upcoming possible internship projects. 

We also offer general NMAH internship applications for folks who want to cast a wide net or who don't see an internship opportunity that specifically speaks to their learning goals. To find out more about our general NMAH internship applications, check out this page here.


What should I know about the application process for NMAH internships?

Please check out the How to Apply section of our website in order to have all of your questions answered!

Each internship cycle (spring, summer, and fall) has its own application schedule and deadline.

Want to stay up-to-date about our recruitment for NMAH internships? Sign up with your email here!


What if I still have some questions?

If you have any questions about internships at NMAH, first check out our NMAH Internship FAQ!

Still have questions? Contact the Interns and Fellows Program Manager through this contact form.