Embracing Yourself

By embracing themselves, girls break barriers every day to change our culture's definitions of girlhood. For many, these rules just don’t fit.

Jazz Jennings is one of those girls. She shares her girlhood with millions of Americans on television and reminds us that girls can be assigned male at birth and that girlhood comes in many forms.

Jazz always knew she "was a girl trapped in a boy's body." As a toddler, she felt a roar of emotions at not being able to communicate what she was experiencing. Jazz’s family listened, learned, and supported her. Together, they work to support all transgender children through the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation.

Jazz Jennings on the Red Carpet, 2015

Jazz Jennings on the Red Carpet, 2015

Photo by Tsuni / USA / Alamy Stock Photo

Jazz Jennings was a celebrity guest at TrevorLIVE to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ youth suicide.

Embrace who you are and just be your authentic self.

—Jazz Jennings, 2019

Jazz Jennings' fascination with mermaids began very young. She explained it later saying, "Mermaids are just the most whimsical, mystical creatures of all time. A lot of transgender individuals are attracted to mermaids and I think it's because they don't have any genitals, just a beautiful tail." She decided to make a mermaid tail the summer after sixth grade.

How to Make a Mermaid's Tail, Drawings by Jazz Jennings


Art became a visual way for me to express emotions that were sometimes too hard to put into words.

—Jazz Jennings, 2016

Jazz Jennings has been using her talent to express herself since she was a young girl. Through song, drawing, poetry, memoir, and activism, she tells us who she really is.


"Glorious Day" by Jazz Jennings

There was a day

–a glorious day

–aya when I knew I wasn't who I really was

–for I was a boy

–when I was supposed to be a girl

I am myself

Yes I am myself

And I'm gonna flie through the sky

or swim in the sea to be whoever I want to be (twice)


I'm gonna try as hard as I 

could to change my childhood

I'm going to fight for my rights

Cause that's the kind of person I am

I am, I am, I am

"Glorious Day" by Jazz Jennings

Courtesy of I AM JAZZ, LLC