The Parade Float Kit

The Parade Float Kit

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Back cover, Vaughn’s Parade Ideas, 1976

Catalog, Vaughn’s Parade Ideas, 1976

Vaughn’s “float system” brought a do-it-yourself attitude to the community-based tasks of float construction. The customer chose a design from the catalog, carefully matching it to the vehicle upon which it was to be built. By return mail the customer received a blueprint for the float’s wooden framework and enough floral sheeting to cover it. The only things not supplied were labor, lumber, and the vehicle itself.

Floats made from Vaughn kits, 1959-1970

“It’s Lucky When You Live in America,” Phoenix, Arizona

Swiss Festival, Sugarcreek, Ohio

National Cherry Festival, Traverse City, Michigan

The Laredo Parade, Laredo, Texas

Schenectady County Sesquicentennial Parade, Schenectady, New York