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HOPE: Health Opportunities
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S.S. Hope berthed in Tunisia, fall 1969

S.S. HOPE berthed in Tunis, Tunisia, fall 1969
One of the greatest accomplishments in human history has been the worldwide rise in life expectancy since 1950. Average life expectancy then was about 40 years--today it is 65, ranging from a low of 40 in Sierra Leone to 79.9 years in Japan. Many things contributed to this achievement, among them an American medical philanthropic organization founded in Washington, D.C., that aimed to expand "Health Opportunities for People Everywhere"--Project HOPE. Over four decades, more than 5,000 health care volunteers have worked with HOPE staff to conduct programs in more than 70 countries, including the United States, and have reached millions of people. Always, its mission has been to "go only where invited, and help people help themselves."

"In the welter of anguished headlines about racial strife and the ugly reflections of the inhumanity of our times, we often fail to note the powerful, quiet programs which are being conducted to advance the march of humanity. . . . Such a project is Project HOPE."

--Jackie Robinson

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