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A Chinese child holds a baloon after surgery Shanghai, 1997.

A Chinese child holds a balloon after surgery,
Shanghai, 1997.
In 1974, Project HOPE retired its hospital ship and switched to good works on dry land, from relief to earthquake victims in Guatemala in 1976 to an AIDS prevention program in Malawi, Africa, in 1990. Currently, HOPE's education programs in southern Africa, Latin America, Central Europe and disadvantaged areas of the United States ensure that hundreds of thousands of people have access to basic medical services. The development and improvement of children's hospitals and clinics in Central Europe, the former Soviet Union, and China directly benefit the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. In the former Soviet Union and along the U.S./Mexico border, HOPE is working to combat the growing resurgence of tuberculosis. And here at home, Project HOPE is applying its 40 years of experience to improving health care in rural and urban areas of the United States where a vast array of individual, family, and community heath problems go untreated.

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