National Inventors Hall of Fame Members

Noise Reduction System, 1965
Ray Dolby for Patent No. 3846719
Ray Dolby’s 1965 invention of a system for reducing unwanted noise in magnetic tape recordings significantly enhanced sound quality in consumer devices like cassette players. (Gift of Dagmar Dolby)
Ethernet Circuit Board, 1973
Robert Metcalfe for Patent No. 4063220
With associates at Xerox PARC in 1973, Robert Metcalfe invented Ethernet, the standard for connecting nearby computers. The invention fostered the growth of networked computing. (Gift of Xerox PARC)
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Apple I Computer, 1976
Steve Jobs for Patent No. 7166791 & Steve Wozniak for Patent No. 4136359
In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple Computer, Inc., which became a leader in personal computing. This was the company’s first product. (Gift of Malon D. Mimms, Jr., Paul Neely, Steven Fink, and Dorothy Lemelson)
Intravascular Stent, 1984
Julio C. Palmaz for Patent No. 4733665
Julio C. Palmaz developed this mesh tube, the first stent approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat diseased coronary and peripheral blood vessels. (Gift of Julio C. Palmaz, MD)
CDMA Phone, 1999
Andrew Viterbi for Patent No. 5103459 & Irwin Jacobs for Patent No. 4901307
Andrew Viterbi and Irwin Jacobs contributed to CDMA protocol allowing more cellular calls on the same frequency. (Gift of Qualcomm, Inc., The Paul Jacobs Collection)
Monolithic Oscillator, 1958
Jack Kilby for Patent No. 3138743
After joining Texas Instruments in 1958, electrical engineer Jack Kilby patented the miniaturized electronic circuit known as the integrated circuit, the basis for all modern digital technologies. (Gift of Texas Instruments, Inc.)
Telephone Circuit Board, 1965
Erna Hoover for Patent No. 3623007
Bell Laboratory researcher Erna Hoover co-developed software to help speed connections in electronic telephone switching systems and reduce processing overloads during hours of peak usage.
Helium-Neon Laser, 1960
Ali Javan for Patent No. 3149290
In 1960 Ali Javan and his team at Bell Telephone Laboratories demonstrated this helium-neon laser, the first to emit a continuous beam of light. (Gift of Ali Javan)
Prototype Solar Cells, 1950s
Daryl Chapin for Patent No. 2780765
At early 1950s Bell Labs, Daryl Chapin and colleagues invented the first practical silicon solar cell. Today solar cells power everything from handheld calculators to spacecraft. (From Bell Telephone Laboratories)