Igloo Cooler
Reg. No. 1241206 for Shape, 1983
First used in 1971, the shape of this cooler is a registered trademark for portable ice or food containers.
Mrs. Butterworth Syrup Bottle
Reg. No. 1138877 for Shape, 1980
First used in 1966, the shape of the Mrs. Butterworth’s bottle is a registered trademark for table syrup.
Etch A Sketch Drawing Toy
Reg. No. 2176320 for Color & Shape, 1998
The registered trademark consists of both the red border and the overall shape of the toy. Introduced in 1960, over 150 million units have been sold. (Gift of The Ohio Art Company)
UPS Brown Truck
Reg. No. 2131693 for Color, 1998
The color brown as applied to delivery vehicles is a trademark for motor vehicle transportation and delivery of personal property. First used in 1917, it is registered to United Parcel Service of America, Inc.
Pizza Hut Building Design
Reg. No. 4286352 for Shape, 2013
The building design of a Pizza Hut restaurant features a six-sided roof and trapezoidal windows. First used in 1964, it is a registered trademark for restaurant services.
Barnum’s Animals Crackers Box
Reg. No. 0961041 for Design & Words/Letters, 1973
The circus wagon design and related words comprise this registered trademark for crackers, which was first used in 1920.
Coca-Cola Contour Bottle
Reg. No. 1057884 for Shape, 1977
The Coca-Cola bottle was introduced to the public in 1916. The original 1915 design was modified to narrow the bottle because it was unstable on conveyor belts. (Gift of The Coca-Cola Company)
Mickey Mouse Ears Hat
Reg. No. 1524601 for Shape, 1989
The Mouseketeer beanie hat with round mouse ears was worn on The Mickey Mouse Club. First used in 1955, the addition of round mouse ears to a beanie is registered as a trademark for hats.
Levi’s Red Tab
Reg. No. 356701 for Color & Shape, 1938
The red tab stitched into the seam of Levi’s jeans was first used in 1936 and is a registered trademark for pants of the patch-pocket type.
National Geographic Magazine Yellow Border
Reg. No. 1068503 for Color & Design, 1977
In 1926 the National Geographic Society began using a yellow border for a magazine about geographical knowledge and history. The yellow-border design is a registered trademark for such magazines.
John Deere Green & Yellow Tractor
Reg. No. 3857088 for Color, 2010
First used for tractors in 1918, the combination of the colors green applied to an exterior surface of the vehicle and yellow applied to the wheels is a registered trademark of Deere & Company.
American Red Cross
Reg. No. 2818967 for Design, 2004
The Red Cross design is protected by a federal statute and is also a registered trademark for charitable services.
Goya Food Products
Reg. No. 0764033 for Words/Letters, 1964
First registered in 1941 as part of a trademark also featuring a portrait of the Spanish painter of the same name, the word “Goya” is now the subject of several trademark registrations for a variety of food products. (Gift of Goya Foods, Inc.)