Experience The Nation We Build Together, with signature exhibitions and interactive experiences in our newly renovated second floor west wing.

Centered on the ideas and ideals of America, the exhibitions – American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith; Many Voices, One Nation; Religion in Early America; and Within These Walls – provide an impactful look into the context of the country’s founding and its evolution today. In Unity Square, visitors will find a new level of public engagement with hands-on activities and theater programs that include a spotlight on one of the Museum’s national treasures, the Greensboro Lunch Counter.


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Debate chairs from the 1960 election
Presidential debates first became part of the campaign landscape when John Kennedy and Richard Nixon sat across from each other in 1960. It took a few years for them to become standardized, but now debates are one of the most anticipated events of every campaign.
Man carrying a box outside a food distribution center

With the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing civil unrest, historians, educators, and the general public once again fixated on the “long hot summers” of the 1960s. Where every year, for the latter half of the decade, America was embroiled in widespread violent protest.

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