Donor Travel

Grenada, Spain

Voyages of Discovery: Spain, the Americas, and Five Centuries of Exploration

Donors to the National Museum of American History are invited to explore the global history of America through our international Director's Tours. In 2017, we traveled to Paris to better understand how America's independence hinged on critical support from France, strategically motivated by past defeats and their status as a global power. Our group studies led to the development of our new exhibition The American Revolution: A World War.

Now, we invite National Museum of American History supporters on a very special excursion to Spain, October 13-21, 2019. In Madrid, Seville, and Granada, we will explore how the early links between Spain and the Americas impacted both Europe and the Americas – and how we understand those contacts today, in all their complexity. The exclusive tour of Madrid, Seville, and Granada will be led by Elizabeth MacMillan Director, Dr. Anthea Hartig and Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs, Dr. Katie Eagleton. Our trip itinerary directly relates to the Museum’s work to develop a new research program and gallery space focused on America’s ocean connections.

Please see some exciting itinerary highlights below and contact Stephanie Johnson at (202) 633-0398 or email if you are interested in learning more about the itinerary and pricing.


  • Experience the Duke of Alba’s private collection at Palacio de Liria, including Columbus’ New World exploration manuscripts
  • Go behind the scenes of Madrid’s Museo Naval, including a private viewing of Juan de la Cosa’s chart, the earliest preserved map of the Americas
  • Walk along the same floors as Arab kings and Catholic monarchs during a prestigious tour of La Alhambra in Granada
  • Enjoy a variety of lectures from National Museum of American History staff members on the many facets of Spanish American relations.
  • Experience the Moorish influence in Andalusian cuisine, the art of sherry-making and flamenco dancing

Below: Museum donors visit Paris on the Director's Tour