From Eliza Hamilton to #theElizaProject

Portrait of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton by Daniel Huntington, mid-1800s

On November 6, 2017, the National Museum of American History hosted a donation ceremony to accept a portrait of Eliza Hamilton from Graham Windham children’s services agency and a costume worn by Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton in Hamilton: An American Musical. The ceremony was followed by panel discussion connecting 200 years of American philanthropy from Eliza Hamilton’s legacy in founding the Orphan Society of New York (now Graham Windham) to the cast of Hamilton who have given their time and talent and raised funds to benefit the charity. The event also included the directorial debut of Morgan Marcell’s short documentary, Sharing Our Stories: The Eliza Project.


National Museum of American History  
John Gray, Elizabeth MacMillan Director  
Ryan Lintelman, Curator, Entertainment Collection  
Amanda B. Moniz, David M. Rubenstein Curator of Philanthropy

Graham Windham 
Jess Dannhauser, President & CEO, Graham Windham
Thomas Haines, Visiting Professor, Rockefeller University; former resident of the Orphan Asylum Society; founder, School of  Medicine at The City College of New York
Georgia Wall, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Graham Windham  

Hamilton and The Eliza Project  
Morgan Marcell
Actress, original cast of Hamilton: An American Musical
Co-founder of The Eliza Project