1968 to the present

(left) AIDS Awareness Cards, 1993.
Archives Center Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Collection, Archives Center, NMAH.
(right)Silent Spring, Rachel Carson, 1962.
Gift of Joan Boudreau.

Contemporary United States

How have recent economic, social, cultural, and international developments transformed American philanthropy? 

How might philanthropy be reshaped in the future?

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, 1962 & AIDS Awareness Cards, 1993

Bringing Health Care to the Community

Chinatown Health Fair poster

A behind-the-scenes look at museum fundraising

Maggie Webster, head of the museum’s Office of External Affairs

How do the arts promote social change?

A yellowed page with black text announcing the "Grand Concert in aid of the Russian Jewish Refugees"

Oregon's Big Pine: Standing tall when the U.S. Constitution was signed

This bronze plaque stood before Oregon's Big Pine from 1989 to 2017

5 objects that James Smithson might be surprised to find in the institution he founded – until he learned their philanthropy stories

A white background with a black electric guitar.

Who tells Eliza's story? Philanthropy and "Hamilton: An American Musical"

A green three piece suit, white tights, and black buckle shoes.

Contributing to a conversation: Reflections on David Rockefeller's Giving Pledge letter

A single-page, typed letter dated July 21, 2010 from David Rockefeller. It begins: "Philanthropists, at their best, try to address serious societal problems and occasionally come up with innovations that lead to enduring change. In the end, success requires much more than financial resources, although money is, of course, essential." It continues fora total of four paragraphs.

Making a place for Eastern Bluebirds—and philanthropy

Wooden box with hole in it for birds and wire mesh around opening. There are lichens growing on the top of it. A nail or screw is visible on one side.

Meet Amanda Moniz, our new curator of philanthropy

Portrait of a woman with short brown/black hair, black glasses, a grey top, a delicate necklace, and a nice smile.

Donor traces his family's roots, supports museum research

Scan of citizenship document