1968 to the present

(left) AIDS Awareness Cards, 1993.
Archives Center Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Collection, Archives Center, NMAH.
(right)Silent Spring, Rachel Carson, 1962.
Gift of Joan Boudreau.

Contemporary United States

How have recent economic, social, cultural, and international developments transformed American philanthropy? 

How might philanthropy be reshaped in the future?

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, 1962 & AIDS Awareness Cards, 1993

American Philanthropy: A new Smithsonian initiative

Case with objects inside

The Hagan internship honors a history lover's legacy with a focus on women's history

Bette and Jim Hagan, 1980

Donors support their daughters' favorite museum, help build new learning spaces

Photograph of the museum's exterior

Remembering A. James Clark and a legacy of active learning

Teachers look at historic books

Teaching AIDS awareness through trading cards

AIDS Awareness trading cards