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Books (History):

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Books (Technology):

  • Emile Alglave and J. Boulard, The Electric Light: Its History, Production and Application (New York: D. Appleton, 1884). 
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  • Illuminating Engineering Society, IES Lighting Handbook (various editions, publishers, years.) 1949, '52, '59, '66, '72, '81 (2 v.), '84 (2 v.), '93, 2000.
  • Robert E. Levin and Tom Lemons, Lighting Handbook for Television, Theatre, and Professional Photography, 8th ed. (Danvers, MA: GTE Sylvania Inc, 1989).
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  • John Waymouth, Electric Discharge Lamps (Cambridge, MA.: The MIT Press, 1971).
  • R. W. Wood, Physical Optics (NY: Macmillan, 1911).



  • Architectural Lighting
  • The Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering -(including AIEE Transactions)
  • The Electrical Experimenter
  • Electrical Merchandising
  • EPRI Journal
  • Electrical Review (NY)-[Formerly, Review of Telegraph & Telephone]
  • The Electrical Review (London)
  • Electrical Wholesaling
  • Electrical World (and Engineer)
  • Energy User News -[formerly Energy Auditor & Retrofitter]
  • GE Review
  • Home Energy News
  • Home Lighting & Accessories
  • IEE Proceedings -[London; Institute of Electrical Engineering]
  • Illuminating Engineering - (formerly Transactions of the IES)
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society
  • Journal of Light and the Visual Environment
  • Journal of the Optical Society of America
  • Lighting Designs & Applications
  • Lighting Dimensions
  • Lighting Futures
  • Lighting Research and Technology
  • The Magazine of Light - [GE publication, circa 1923-58]
  • Philips Journal of Research
  • Philips Research Reports
  • Philips Technical Review [1936-89]
  • Technology & Culture
  • Western Electrician


Selected Articles (History):

  • John M. Anderson and John S. Saby, "The electric lamp: 100 years of applied physics," in Physics Today 32 (Oct. 1979), pp. 32-40.
  • Kate Bolton, "The Great Awakening of the Night: Lighting America's Streets," in Landscape 23, no. 3 (1979), pp. 41-47.
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  • George Wise, "Swan's Way: A Study in Style," in Spectrum 19, no. 4 (April 1982), pp. 66-70.


Selected Articles (Technology):

  • Allen, Carl J., and Ronald L. Paugh, "Applications of the Quartz Lighting Lamp" in Illuminating Engineering, December 1959, V.54, #12, p.741.
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Museums & Historic Sites:

  • The Baltimore Museum of Industry: Baltimore, MD
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Thomas Edison Birthplace & Museum: Milan, OH
  • The Edison-Ford Winter Estates: Ft. Myers, FL
  • Thomas Edison National Historic Site: West Orange, NJ
  • Edison Lamp Tower: Menlo Park, NJ
  • The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village: Dearborn, MI
  • The Schenectady Museum, Hall of Electrical History: Schenectady, NY
  • Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History: Washington, DC


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