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Photo Gallery #1:
Lamp Inventors 1950-1990

Below are seen a few of the people whose lamp inventions are profiled in Lighting A Revolution's 20th century section.

An enlargement with additional information is linked to each photo.



   Elmer G. Fridrich around 1959


"Some people said it had been tried
 - putting halogens in lamps - 
but it didn't work."
-- Elmer Fridrich

Elmer G. Fridrich, co-holder of 
US Patent #2,883,571
(tungsten-halogen lamp).
Photo ©General Electric.

 Fred Mosby, Ed Zubler, Stan Ackerman and Al Foote, 1959.


"I felt that if we ever got to the point
where we knew how to control things
and make it, we would replace
standard incandescent lamps."
-- Frederick Mosby

Frederick Mosby (seated),
Edward Zubler, Stanley Ackerman
& Alton Foote, (standing r-l)
with the tungsten halogen lamp.
Photo ©General Electric.

 Gilbert H. Reiling with his Metal Halide lamp, 1962


"I knew what the lighting goals were,
everybody wanted more efficiency,
and they wanted white light,
and they wanted something economical."
-- Gilbert Reiling

Gilbert H. Reiling demonstrating
his metal halide lamp.
Photo ©General Electric.

 William Louden, Kurt Schmidt, Ernest Martt and the Lucalox lamp, 1962


"He was destroying things
as soon as they were made."
-- William Louden

William Louden, Kurt Schmidt
& Ernest Martt (l-r) standing
in front of a vacuum machine
for the "Lucalox" lamp.
Photo ©General Electric.

 Johan B.J. van Overveld & Louis Vrenken testing compact fluorescent lamps.

"The use of the new phosphors is not restricted to 40W T12 lamps."
-- Louis Vrenken

Louis Vrenken &
Johan B.J. van Overveld (r-l)
testing compact fluorescent lamps.
Photo ©Philips Lighting.

 Peter and John Milewski in 1987


"I don't see any technical barriers, 
just financial ones."
-- John Milewski

Peter & John Milewski (l-r)
near their home in New Mexico.
Photo ©Drs. John & Peter Milewski.

 Michael Ury with Lee Anderson and 5 demonstration Sulfur lamps in 1994.


"That was the longest
five minutes of my life."
-- Michael Ury

 Michael Ury (r) with Lee Anderson
& 5 demonstration Sulfur lamps.
Photo ©Fusion Lighting.

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