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Photo Gallery #2
Lamp Inventors 1880-1940

Lamp inventors in the later 20th century built on the work of those who came before. Some of those earlier inventors are shown below.

An enlargement with additional information is linked to each photo.



   Thomas Alva Edison around 1879


"If I didn't invent the incandescent lamp,
I never invented anything."
-- Thomas Edison, 1892

Thomas Alva Edison
© National Park Service

 Joseph Swan, 1879.


"I had the mortification one fine morning
of finding you on my track and in
several particulars ahead of me
-- but now I think I have
shot ahead of you, . . ."
-- Joseph Swan, 1880

Joseph Swan
from Tyne & Wear County Council Museums

 Daniel McFarlan Moore, 1895


"It's too small, too hot, and too red."
-- D. McFarlan Moore

Daniel McFarlan Moore photographed by the light of a Moore Lamp.
from the Moore Electrical Company

 Peter Cooper Hewitt, 1895


". . . for the economy of operation will much more than compensate for the somewhat unnatural color given to illuminated objects."
-- Peter Cooper Hewitt, 1902

Peter Cooper Hewitt.
from The Electrical Age

 Willis Whitney.


"It is bad engineering to assume
that a thing is perfected."
-- Willis R. Whitney, 1935

Willis Whitney.
from General Electric

 William D. Coolidge


"I remember this circumstance very well because of the excitement and surprise and incredulity which he manifested at the time. He asked me over and over again what it was."
-- William Coolidge, 1909

William D. Coolidge.
from General Electric

 Irving Lanumuir.


"It seemed that an investigation, . . .,
might possibly open the way to the
discovery of methods by which the
efficiency could be greatly improved."
-- Irving Langmuir, 1913

Irving Langmuir.
from General Electric

 William D. Coolidge


". . . at one time in development, rival
cathode designs . . . necessitated the
intervention of a neutral physicist."
-- Richard Thayer, 1989

George Inman & Richard Thayer
© General Electric

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