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Web Site & Exhibition Credits

Web Site credits:
Bernard S. Finn, Curator
Harold D. Wallace, Jr., Museum Specialist

The original museum exhibit (1979) featuring only Edison's activities was curated by Bernard Finn with assistance from Robert Friedel and Cathy Zusy. The designer was David Ellis, editing was by Michael Fruitman, production was by the Museum's Exhibits staff.

Funding came from a major grant from the International Committee for the Centennial of Light of the Thomas A. Edison Foundation and General Electric's Lighting Business Group.

The additions and revisions (2000) were inspired by the vision of Dr. Lee R. Anderson (1936-1998), lighting program manager at the United States Department of Energy.

The 2000 modification (including an exhibition brochure) was curated by Bernard Finn with assistance from Harold Wallace. The designers were David Ellis, Marcia Powell, Constantine Raitzky, and Russell Cashdollar. Editing was done by Nancy Growald Brooks. The interactive exhibits were designed by Thomas M. O'Brien, project managers were Andrew Heymann and Patrick Ladden and production was by Creative Design Group. The web site was designed and produced by Harold Wallace.

Funding came from a major grant from the United States Department of Energy, with additional grants from The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention, from a fund in memory of Carl Weller, and from Eveready Battery Co. Inc.

Lighting fixtures were provided by Lightolier and lamps were provided by OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc..

Much appreciation is due to the following organizations for donating materials for use in Lighting A Revolution:

  • Duro-Test Corporation
  • Eveready Battery Company
  • Fusion Lighting Incorporated
  • General Electric Lighting Company
  • General Electric Research & Development Laboratory
  • Hunter Fan Company
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
  • International Dark-Sky Association
  • Lightolier Incorporated
  • Maurice Electrical Supply Company
  • Mt. Vernon Museum of Incandescent Lighting
  • OSRAM SYLVANIA Incorporated
  • Philips Lighting BV (Netherlands)
  • Philips Lighting Company
  • Potomac Electric Power Company
  • Superkinetic Incorporated
  • United States Department of Energy
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency

Thanks also to  the following individuals for donating objects and photographs, and for graciously providing historical interviews during the course of this project:

  • John Anderson
  • Samuel Berman
  • Carlo Bessone
  • Joseph Burke
  • Mike Chernin
  • Edward Covington
  • Said-Amr El-Hamamsy
  • Elmer Fridrich
  • George Goetze
  • Steve Goldmacher
  • Eugene Graff
  • Calvin Gungle
  • Edward Hammer
  • Hugh Francis Hicks
  • Donald Hollister
  • Steve Johnson
  • Greg Ward Larson
  • Robert Levin
  • William Louden
  • Terry McGowan
  • Ernest Martt
  • Gerald Meiling
  • John Milewski
  • Frederick Mosby
  • Dick Neubert
  • Gilbert Reiling
  • Victor Roberts
  • Edward Robinson
  • William Roche
  • Francis Rubinstein
  • James Sarver
  • Maxine Savitz
  • Mitchell Smith
  • Frank Sowers
  • Herbert Strauss
  • Donald Thomas
  • Michael Ury
  • John Waymouth
  • George Wise
  • Yongzhang Leng
  • R. Gaines Young
  • Edward Zubler

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