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An Edison Timeline

1847:   Born, 11 February, Milan, Ohio
1859-63:   Sells newspapers and sundries on train between Port Huron, Michigan, and Detroit
1864-67:   Years as a traveling telegrapher
1868:   Patents first invention, Boston
1869:   Works on stock ticker and printing telegraph, New York
1870:   First substantial income from an invention (stock ticker)
1871:   Marries Mary Stilwell
1874:   Quadruplex telegraph (sending four messages over a wire at the same time)
1876:   Carbon-resistance telephone transmitter
1877:   Phonograph
1879:   Incandescent lamp
1882:   Pearl Street Station, New York
1883:   Discovers and experiments with electrical discharge inside lamp (called "Edison Effect;" basis of the vacuum tube)
1884:   Wife Mary dies
1886:   Marries Mina Miller
1887:   Newer, larger laboratory, West Orange, New Jersey
1888-  :   Motion pictures
1889-95:   Concentrated activity on electromagnetic ore-separation work, Ogdensburg, New Jersey

More work on phonograph

Development of storage battery

1923-  :   Attempts to find alternative sources of rubber
1929:   Inauguration of Menlo Park laboratory as a museum, Dearborn, Michigan
1931:   Dies October 18, West Orange, New Jersey

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