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The Science and Technology
of Electric Lighting

Although the light bulb has become synonymous with simplicity (think about all those light bulb jokes), illumination engineering has actually become a complex science. There are professional lighting associations and journals, and university programs that offer degrees in lighting design. This section contains materials that will shed some light on the science and engineering behind electric lighting. 

Incandescent Lamps
-- How they work.

Tungsten Halogen Lamps
-- The halogen cycle in an incandescent lamp.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps
-- Good things in small packages.

Silica Carbide Lamp
-- Light from a whisker.

Discharge Lamps
-- How they work.

Metal Halide Lamps
-- The halide cycle in a discharge lamp.

High Pressure Sodium Lamps
-- Working with exotic materials.

Sulfur Bulbs
-- Light from microwaves.

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