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Webnote 10-1

Sources of information about exterior lighting:

  • Illuminating Engineering Society, IES Lighting Handbook, (various editions, 1949 - 1999).

  • Landscape Architect & Specifier News, April 1999, V.15, #4. (Examples of exterior lighting projects and products.)
  • Lighting Design & Application, May 1999, V.29, #5. Outdoor lighting issue.

  • Bunge, Robert, "How To Beat Light Pollution," in Astronomy, September 1995, p. 44.
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  • Tanner, A.E, "Light Trespass? What the Heck is That?" in Lighting Design & Application, April 1986, p.22.
  • Toho, M., E. Shiohama, H. Imamura, S. Wada, K. Nakai, and Y. Namikoshi, "High Brightness, Color Variable Lighting Element for Large Outdoor Displays," in Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society, Summer 1989, V.18, #2, p.23.

  • International Dark-Sky Association File, Lighting Research Collection. Electricity Collections, National Museum of American History.
  • Lighting Research Collection. Electricity Collections, National Museum of American History.

  • Interview, John Anderson, George Cotsas, Sayed-Amr El-Hamamsy, Victor Roberts, and George Wise by Harold Wallace, Jr., 29 October 1996, 2 audio cassettes.
  • Interview, Robert Levin by Harold Wallace, Jr., 31 October 1996, one audio cassette.
  • Interview, Terry K. McGowan by Harold Wallace, Jr., 25 March 1997, one audio cassette.
  • Interview, Gilbert Reiling and Elmer Fridrich by Harold Wallace, Jr., 1 March 1996, 3 audio cassettes.


Webnote 10-2

Sources of information about energy efficiency and electric lighting:

  • US Department of Energy, Advanced Lighting Guidelines: 1993, DOE/EE-0008.

  • Advertisements, "Energy Lighting Guide," in Facilities Design & Management, May 1995, p.56.
  • Blatt, Morton H., editorial, "Lighting For Efficiency and Productivity," in EPRI Journal, December 1989, p.1.
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  • Buttolph, L.J., "High-Efficiency Gaseous-Conduction Lamps," in Electrical Engineering, November 1936, V.55, #11, p.1174.
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  • Fisher, W.S., "New Ideas in Lighting Increase Office Efficiency," in GE Review, November 1956, V.59, #11, p.47.
  • Interview with Howard Geller, "Efficient Appliances for the Home," in Energy Auditor & Retrofitter, May/June 1986, p.13.
  • Keleher, J. A., "How a school system cut $367,000 from its energy bill," CEE News, April 1995, p.14.
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  • Department of Energy Collections, 1992.0466, 1999.0324 and 1999.3071, National Museum of American History.

  • Department of Energy File, Lighting Research Collection. Electricity Collections, National Museum of American History.



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