- Old Abe is Ours

Old Abe is Ours

Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life

Like other candidates of his time, Lincoln stayed home in Springfield, Illinois, while party leaders spoke on his behalf. Political clubs decorated their headquarters with fence rails and organized massive rallies throughout the North. The imagery of “Old Abe the Railsplitter” presented Lincoln as a down-to-earth common man and served as a powerful symbol of free labor and individual enterprise.

The Republican Party platform called for a prohibition of the extension of slavery, defense of the union, and government support of roads, canals, and other internal improvements.

Gift of Ralph E. Becker, 1961

Railsplitter’s Campaign Parade Axe

Gift of Mrs. Robert A. Hubbard, 1961

Parade Transparency

This three-sided transparency was originally illuminated from inside by a small oil lamp and carried in campaign parades.

Gift of George L. and Mary E. Compton, 1980

Gifts of Carl Haverlin, 1962

Gift of Ralph E. Becker, 1961

Campaign Torches, 1860

Gift of George L. and Mary E. Compton, 1980

Campaign Banner, Belfast, Maine