Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life

A Letter to Abraham Lincoln

For children in grades K-4 and their adults

What did an 11-year-old girl have to say to Abraham Lincoln? Find out more about Lincoln and this special letter by reading a great picture book and trying some fun activities. Go there>>

Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life Video

Produced by Beth Py-Lieberman, Ryan Reed, and Molly Roberts for

What are the stories behind the objects in the exhibition? Get the scoop in this video of Harry R. Rubenstein, Chair of the National Museum of American History's Division of Politics and Reform  Go there>>
America’s New Birth of Freedom: Documents from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Was the Civil War worth the lives of more than 620,000 Americans? See how Abraham Lincoln justified and executed the Civil War in his own words, including a signed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation. Go there>>

The Gettysburg Address

“Four score and seven years ago…” What did Lincoln say after that and what can we still learn from the Gettysburg Address today? Zoom-in and take a close look at a rare copy of the Address written in Lincoln’s own hand. Go there>>

Extraordinary Evidence

For students in grades 5-12

What made Abraham Lincoln “extraordinary”? Students will develop small research projects about Lincoln’s personal qualities. They will then support their ideas with Lincoln quotes, artifacts related to his life, and scholarly research. Finally, they will create and share an electronic presentation showcasing what they’ve learned.

Download the PDF

Lincoln Quotes and Object Photographs

Want to look more closely at some of the objects from the exhibition or read some of Lincoln’s most famous quotes? Download this collection of 25 JPEG files. Each object image includes its reference information and each quote includes its date and the title of the larger speech, where applicable.

Download the files.