Object List

Ready-to-Wear Clothes = Opportunity

Garment workers' strike broadsides

Bathing suit, 1880s-1900s

Ready-made shoes

Sewing machine and tools for cutting stacks of fabric, 1920s

Cash register, 1919, and department store charge coins, 1920s-1930s

Buttons, 1900s

Mail-order catalogs, 1900s-1930s 

Department store bags and boxes, 1930s-1950s

J.T. Batts Wishbone hanger, 1910

Display form, 2014

Hangers, 1910s-1920s

Paper dolls, 1920s-1940s

Household Hits = Transformation

Gas lamp with connecting hose, 1909

Window screen, 1888

Toilet bowl, about 1900

Folding chair patent model, 1860s-1870s

Medicine cabinet selections, 1920s

Thermostats, 1915-1939

Microwave oven, 1974

Wireless radios, 1930s-1950s

Videocassette recorder, 1977

Toy cooking range, early 1900s

Hoover vacuum, 1927

Toaster, 1920s

Percolator and egg boiler, 1920s

Window air conditioner, 1950s

Electric table lamp, 1920s

Electric table fan, about 1920

Regency transistor radio, 1954

Hearing dome, 1850, and battery-powered hearing aid, 1949

Motorola DynaTAC, about 1990

Digital clock, 1960s

PalmPilot and GameBoy, 1990s

Clorox bleach bottles, about 1930

Stainless steel knives and forks, about 1930

Bicycles = Liberation

Stick pins, 1880s-1890s

Uncle Sam and other riders, 1900s-1950s

Bicycle bells, 1890s-1920s

Bicycle lamps, 1880s-1890s

Air-filled tires, 1890s

Bicycle racing medals, 1883-1897

"Rational" clothing for women

Sheet music, 1890s-1910s

Watch case, spoon, and other decorative arts, 1890s-1910s

Tintypes, 1890s

Bicycle seats

Welded tubular steel and electric welder, 1885

Bugle, 1880s

Refrigerators = Happiness

Freezer case sign, 1960s

Salt and pepper shakers, 1930s

Suzy Homemaker refrigerator, 1966

Ice delivery window sign and tongs, 1930s

Ice cube tray, 1930s

Water bottle, 1930s

Tupperware, 1954

Food stamps and change tokens, 1970s

Grocery cart, 1937

Stacking leftover dishes, 1930s

Entrée salad molds, 1930s

Kitchen play set, 1950s

Frozen concentrated orange juice, 1960s

Kitchen clocks, 1930s-1940s

Refrigerator dishes, 1930s

Footed dishes, 1930s

Refrigerator vegetable pan, 1930s

Milk bottles, 1930s

TV dinner tray and child's plate, 1950s