Ship’s Gear and Tools

Ship’s Gear


The capstan was used to pull a line for any number of tasks: raising or lowering anchors, hoisting sails and cargo, or other heavy jobs. Crewmen inserted timbers into the holes, and several men pushed on each timber as they walked around the capstan.


The ship’s whistle, powered by a steam line from the boiler, was used to signal other ships or the shore. It was invaluable in foggy or dark waters.


Ship’s Tools

These hand tools were found in the Indiana’s engine and boiler space belowdecks.


The crew used the shovel to add fuel to the fires.

Hand Truck

The hand truck was the artifact that revealed the vessel’s identity when the wreck was located in 1972—the words “PROPR INDIANA” are stamped into its handle.


Cleveland Iron Mining Company

On its last voyage, the Indiana was transporting 280 tons of iron ore from the Cleveland Iron Mining Company’s mines at Iron Mountain, near Marquette, Michigan.