Cruising for Fun

Cruise ships offer what many people want in a vacation: comfort and predictability, round-the-clock service, amenities and an abundance of food, activities that don’t require individual effort to plan, and exotic destinations.

With only 5 percent of Americans having taken a cruise, and most of them traveling as couples, the industry is reaching out to families and new customers. Affinity cruises are catching on for groups of people with shared interests, from motorcyclists to musicians to lovers of chocolate.



Cruise ship terminal, Port of Miami, 2004

Cruise ships line one of the terminal piers at the Port of Miami. Tens of thousands of travelers leave on cruises out of Miami, Port Canaveral, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, each year.

Photograph by Daniel L. Cowan

Courtesy of the Port of Miami

Cruise Ships

This video takes viewers behind the scenes aboard modern commercial vessels. See what life and work is like aboard cruise ships.

Produced by the History Channel