On the Water

Poster, "Teamwork Wins"

This poster, like all wartime propaganda pieces, was designed to convey a specific message while appealing to a viewer’s emotions. In this case, the “Teamwork Wins” image, by artist Hibberd V. B. Kline, was produced by the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation in 1918 to inspire World War I shipyard workers. By displaying a flowing American flag next to a riveter who is bent to the task, this poster reminded workers that their labor and their ability to work together were essential for victory.

At the onset of American involvement in World War I, President Woodrow Wilson had to persuade the American public that neutrality could no longer be maintained, and that everyone’s constant support and sacrifice were required to win. To do this, he created a task force that produced over 25 million copies of 2,500 different posters. The United States produced more propaganda posters than all other countries involved in the war combined, even though it was only engaged in the war for 20 months.

ID Number:
United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation
Kline, Hibberd V. B.