Lewis and Clark expedition compass, 1803

The Campaign Trail
       Winning the Vote
               Getting the Nomination
                      Hats Off to Politics
                      Getting Out the Vote
                      Torchlight Parades
                      Did You Know?
               Inaugural Parades
               Oath of Office
       The Right to Vote

The Foundations
       Defining the Presidency
               The New Republic
               George Washington
       The President's Job
               Commander in Chief
               Chief Executive
               Chief Diplomat
               Ceremonial Head of State
               Manager of the Economy
               Party Leader
               National Leader
                       Thomas Jefferson
                       Abraham Lincoln
                       Theodore Roosevelt
                       Franklin D. Roosevelt
                       John F. Kennedy
                       Lyndon B. Johnson
       Limits of Power
               The Supreme Court
               Public Support
               The Press

Life and Death in the White House
       Life in the White House
               Building and Refurbishing the White House
               Remaining Open to the People
               Official Occasions
               White House Weddings
               Creating a Private Life
       Life After Office
               George Washington
               John Quincy Adams
               James Buchanan
               Ulysses S. Grant
               Theodore Roosevelt
               William H. Taft
               Dwight D. Eisenhower
               Lyndon B. Johnson
               Richard Nixon
               Jimmy Carter
       Assassinations and Mourning
               Sudden Death of a President
                       Abraham Lincoln
                                "Oh, that Mournful Night"
                               The Assassins
                               The Long and Final Ride
                               Personal Mourning
                       John F. Kennedy
                       Andrew Jackson
                       James A. Garfield
                       Theodore Roosevelt
                       Franklin D. Roosevelt
               The Secret Service
       First Ladies

Communicating the Presidency
               Print Media
               Stump Speeches
               Political Cartoons
               Film and Television
       Consuming the Office
               Presidential Images in Advertising
               Presidency as Souvenir

       Tell Us What You Think
       How to Use This Site with Your Class
       Hands-on Presidential Activities
               Presidential Seal
               White House Kids
               Presidential Roles
               Letters to the President
               Your Opinion Counts

Teacher Materials
       Timeline Activity

Planning Your Visit
       Calendar of Events

       List of Presidents
       Timeline of Candidates
       Web Links
       Military Service of the Presidents
       Audio/Video Clips





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