Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the timeline responding?
It could be that Flash was not downloaded properly. Try again by clicking here.

Why aren't the games responding?
Try downloading Flash again by clicking here.

How can I get the plug-ins I need to view Flash animation on the site?
It's easy! Just click here to download Flash 5.

Why does the page appear to be cut off on my screen?
This program is designed for screens set to 800x600 resolution or higher. Changing the resolution in your screen properties settings will fix the problem.

Can I print information from this site?
Yes. Go to the top nav bar on your browser. Click file and then print. The page you are viewing will be printed.

Can I use material from this site for a school report or other personal project?
Yes, as long as there is not a copyright credit next to it, and the use is strictly noncommercial. For more information, see our copyright notice and guidelines for use of Smithsonian images.

If my use of a Smithsonian image does not fit the terms of fair use above, how do I obtain permission?
First, record the negative number of the image(s) you wish to use (if there is no number, then it's not a Smithsonian image-also check the caption for credit information). Then call the Public Affairs office at (202) 633-3129 for instructions on obtaining rights and ordering reproductions.

I have a question related to presidents or other historical topics. Can you help?
The National Museum of American History does not have the resources to answer general historical inquiries. If you have searched the Web site and cannot find an answer, we suggest that you try our suggested links and bibliography, or perform your own search on the Web or at your local library.

The Smithsonian may be interested in a historical artifact I have in my possession, and/or I'd like to find out more about it. Who do I ask?
The Smithsonian does not appraise objects or offer selling advice. However, Museum staff can respond to a limited number of other questions about artifacts of historical interest. Your question will have a better chance of being answered if it falls in one of our areas of expertise. Send a comment to the webmaster.

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