George Washington

By Gilbert Stuart, 1796 (detail). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; owned jointly with Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  First President, 1789-1797

It was almost inevitable that George Washington, one of the most respected men in the colonies and the hero of the Revolutionary War, would be unanimously elected the first president of the United States. Washington was well aware of the importance of the example he was setting for all presidents to come, and performed his duties with this is mind. It was Washington who decided that the president should live in the same place where he worked, his New York lodgings becoming the precursor to the White House; he created the presidential cabinet, with whom he met regularly to go over matters of state; and he helped to select the site and design the city that would become the capital of the new nation. Washington's courage in battle, dignified bearing, and universally admired strength of character earned him the name "Father of His Country," and to this day we recognize the importance of his contributions to the United States.
Era Related to this President
Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820s)
Objects Related to this President
George Washington's uniform, 1790s
Cane bequeathed to George Washington by Benjamin Franklin
Lamp used by George Washington to write his farewell address
Advertisement for "Cherry Smash" with the image of George Washington
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