Apple artifacts in the Museum's collections

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has more than 130 objects relating to Apple, including advertising, software and user manuals, in its collections. The most recent acquisition was an iPod with ear buds donated in 2010. The most poignant Apple product in the collections is an Apple Power Book AC adapter, found at the World Trade Center after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.


  • Apple II Personal Computer (1977)
  • Apple II (1980)
  • Apple II Microcomputer, “Black Apple” (1980s)
  • Apple IIe (1983)
  • Apple Lisa II Personal Computer, the prototype for what became the “Mac” (1983)
  • Apple “Classic” Macintosh Personal Computer, serial number one (1984)
  • Apple IIGS personal Computer (1986)
  • Apple Newton model H1000 (1993-1998) - this model was discontinued after Steve Jobs rejoined Apple
  • Apple PowerMac G4 Cube (2000)
  • “Sex and the City” Laptop - this Apple was used by Sarah Jessica Parker in the television show, “Sex and the City”
  • Apple G4 Laptop (ca. 2003) - Part of the museum’s Military History collections, this laptop was used by NBC cameraman James Craven to edit video reports from Iraq. It is on exhibit in “Price of Freedom: Americans at War.”
  • Accessories:

  • Apple Macintosh Mouse (1984)
  • iPods:

  • 15 GB iPod (2003-2004)
  • Generation4 iPod and Earbuds (2004)
  • Non-Apple Products Associated with Steve Jobs:

  • NeXT Computer (1992) - this product was manufactured by the company Steve Jobs headed between 1985 and 1996