Museum-inspired merchandise available on QVC

An array of jewelry, accessories and other items based on the collections of the National Museum of American History are scheduled to premiere on QVC Monday, July 4, from 6 to 7 p.m. (EDT). Previously, QVC featured four shows based on objects within the collections of the National Museum of Natural History.

The newest QVC line draws on the National Museum of American History’s collection of more than 3 million objects as inspiration for merchandise debuting during America’s Independence Day celebration. Merchandise includes a scarf inspired by the beadwork on a gown that Jacqueline Kennedy wore to one of the presidential inaugural balls; a watch inspired by an original animation of "Steamboat Willie," the first Mickey Mouse cartoon; and, for “Wizard of Oz” fans, QVC will feature a themed watch with dangling ruby slipper charms, reflecting one of the most popular objects in the collection, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers which are on display at the museum.

The one-hour program will feature behind-the-scenes footage of the museum’s collections, interviews with the director and curators and includes shots of collection storage areas which are not usually accessible to the public.

Learn about the designs and the original collections that inspired the QVC designers. The QVC show will showcase wonderful pieces of American craftsmanship preserved in the National Museum of American History and will show how these pieces of American history have been translated into objects available to the public.

Additional information regarding the history of the original objects, the National Museum of American History and the items available to the public will be online at