Price of Freedom gallery

Price of Freedom Donors

The Museum offers special thanks to:

Andrew Cayton
Kate Flaherty
Nicholas Kehoe
Richard Kohn
Victoria Leslie
Michael Sherry
Ronald Spector
091 Committee
First Foot Guards
National Park Service
General Richard E. Stephenson, U.S.A. (ret.)
Center of Military History
Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum
Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian


Object Donations

The Museum recognizes the following for their generous donations of objects for this exhibition:

Mrs. Scott Adams
Lewis J. Allen
Captain Robert Anderson Jr.
Karen D’Arcangelo
Mary G. N. Asbridge
Florence S. Auguste
Charlene Barnes
Mrs. Mildred N. Beckert and Mrs. Jean B. Thompson
Robert Lincoln Beckwith
Bequest of Charles E. Bendire
Irving Berlin
Mr. C. B. Beyer
Mrs. E. Tuckerman Biays, Mrs. Draper L. Kauffman, Mrs. Robert G. Metters, Mrs. Willard Triest, and Mrs. Robert H. Williams
Eleanor Wolfley Bissell, Elizabeth Wolfley Harman, Caroline Wolfley Shannon, and Mrs. Elizabeth F. Wolfley
Adriana Scalamandre Bitter and Edwin Ward Bitter for the Bitter Family Collection
Bequest of General Wilmon W. Blackmar
Blythe Township, Pennsylvania Water Authority
Walter G. Boll
Louise A. Boyd
Miss Faith Bradford
Agnes Kennett Brent
Briggs Manufacturing Company
Dr. R. A. Brock
Brooklyn Public Library
Miss Sally Ann Brown in memory of Captain Dale Brown
Knowlton Browne
Bequest of Lieutenant Frank E. Brownell
Bequest of Frederick McLean Bugher
Timothy C. Butz
Mrs. Allen K. Capron
Chuck Carlock
Dr. Leonard Carmichael
Douglas A. Carr
Staff Sergeant Robert E. Carter, U.S.A.F.
Chase Manhattan Bank, NA
Robert S. Clark
Augusta H. Clawson
Vannoy Cleveland
Jeffrey M. Clyman
Specialist Melissa Coleman
S. Jackson and William M. Conn
J. Robert Conroy
William F. Cotton
Mrs. Henry K. Cowan
John Philips Cranwell
James Craven
Mrs. John Cropper
Lewis Crosby
Larry L. Culp
Maxine Culver
Bequest of Elizabeth B. Custer
Colonel John T. Dabnett
Daisy-Heddon, Division of Victor Comptometer
Brigadier General Albert C. Dalton
DC Comics Inc.
Mrs. Victor Decker
Theodore M. DeVit Jr. and the DeVit Family in honor of Peter F. DeVit
Anne Doniger in memory of Paul Doniger
Hancock Dorr
Stephanie Dunn
Captain William K. Emerson, U.S.A.
Mrs. Robert R. M. Emmet
Mrs. Takako Tsuchiya Endo
W. B. Entwisle
Dr. David Norton Epstein
Estate of Loyall Farragut
Deposit of Thomas Featherstonhough
Dorothy Dysart Fellers
Arthur R. Fergusson
Bernard S. Finn
Edith Fleetwood
Margaret C. Frank
Captain F. H. French
Paul E. Fry
George H. Gay
General Motors Corporation
George Meany Memorial Archives
Miss Eleanor Gerrodette
George C. Gill
Elmer E. Goetsch
John M. Goodsell
Elmer Leroy Gookin
George E. Gorman
Marilyn M. Gould
Chapman Grant
Julia Dent Grant and William H. Vanderbilt
Mrs. A. E. Gridley
Patricia R. and William H. Guthman
Leroy Haag
Bequest of Stephen Earl Haggerman
Bequest of Colonel Lorenzo F. Hagglund
Alex Hanson
Deposit of Mary E. Harney
Harvard University, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Mrs. Golden E. Head
Mrs. Nelson Head
Colonel Julian G. Hearne Jr., U.S.A. (ret.)
Hershey Community Archives
Hershey Foods Corporation
Jules H. Herstein
Dr. J. William Hinton
Charles H. Hirsch
Viola F. Hoes for the Family of Valentine Doub Clark
Judge Joseph Holt
Mrs. Susan Horle
Mrs. Robert B. Houghton
Gertrude S. Howalt
Bequest of Virginia Scott Hoyt
Hugo Neu Schnitzer East
Lee Humiston
Nellie Blake Henry Hummer
Bequest of Charles Bremner Hogg Jackson
Mrs. Ewell Y. Jackson
Allen H. Johness Jr.
Elizabeth Bryant Johnson
Commander Clark E. Kauffman
Colonel Harold David Kehm, U.S.A. (ret.)
Mrs. Catherine A. Kibler
Samuel Eastman Kimball
Herbert F. King
Hon. Miles W. and William Kirkpatrick in memory of Mary Stewart Wells Kirkpatrick
Harold Klein
Bequest of Dr. Joseph J. Kler
Ethel N. Kominik in memory of Otto Peter Kominik
Herbert Kurima
John S. Kyle
David K. Lander
Mrs. Abraham Lansing
Pauline Philip Lapidge
Ellouise Baker Larsen for the Ellouise Baker Larsen Collection of American Historical Staffordshire China
Dr. Frederick D. Lascoff
Manly Lawton
Mary C. Lawton
Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin T. Layton, U.S.A.R. (ret.)
John S. Leftwitch
Sara L. Lepman in memory of Dr. Harry Lepman
Alan and Elaine Levitt
Bequest of Dorothy B. Libbey
Library of Congress
Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood Jr., U.S.N. (ret.)
Helen M. Lollis in memory of Private First Class Lawrence F. Lollis
William M. Lubar
Philip K. Lundeberg
Brown A. Lyons
Darwin R. Martin
Maryland Historical Society
Mrs. R. W. Mason
Greg Mathieson
Miss Mary McCabe
R. H. McCauley Jr.
Hon. George B. McClellan
Kathleen A. McGee
Mark R. McGunegill
Lieutenant Colonel Mary A. McMillan, U.S.A.F. (ret.)
Deposit of Rear Admiral R. W. Meade
Bequest of Edith R. Meggars
Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Pope Meigs Jr.
Mrs. Arnold Miles
Thomas A. Moason
Mary E. Montgomery
Mrs. George W. Morgan
Edward J. Morse
Colonel John Singleton Mosby
Bequest of Helen Augusta Mosher
Linnie Kirk Mosler
Betty Jean Mowbray
Lieutenant Colonel William B. Mozey
Dennis P. Mroczkowski
Ruth Lindley Muller
George E. Munson
B. T. Nash
National Archives
National Broadcasting Company
Dumbarton House / The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, Washington, D.C.
Nestlé Beverage Company
George A. Norton
Bridget E. O’Farrell
Jean M. Olsen
Ormco Corporation
Ralph G. Packard
Bequest of General John J. Pershing
Natalie W. Peters and Natalie P. Webster
Mendel L. Peterson
Rita M. Pleet
General Colin L. Powell
Herbert H. Price
Princeton University Library in memory of Benjamin Strong
Robert Quandt
Mary F. and Robert L. Raley
Heirs of William and Dennis Ramsay
Ida Latta Rapscott
Alfred Rascon
Blanche R. Reid
Mrs. Edward M. Reilly
John Paul Remensnyder
Bequest of William G. Renwick
Carter Rila
Mr. Clare E. Rohrer
Lucy W. Rosenau in memory of Fred S. Rosenau
Bequest of Miriam Blanche Rotchford
Edward Rubin and the Rubin Brothers Waste Company
Charles W. Russell
Blake Ryan
Saint James General Store and Hartz Drug Company Museum
Roland J. Schmidt
Adolph and Elizabeth A. Scolnick
Mrs. John M. Shea
Hon. P. Tecumseh Sherman
Bert B. Singman
Eric O. Skaggs
Ruell A. Sloan
Henry Smith
C. F. Ray, John A., and Virginia Dell Sours
James W. Stancil
Mrs. Robert Southworth Stetson
Beverly Stevenson
Christian A. Stockstad
Edwin Bates Stroble
Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction
John M. Swanner
Texas Air Command Museum
Major Richard W. Thompson, U.S.A.F. (ret.)
Eugene A. Tilleaux
Dr. Y. Togasaki
Sergeant Major Paul A. Tolovi, U.S.A. (ret.)
Terry T. Turner
Twentieth Century Fox
United Aircraft Corporation
United Airlines
United States Army
United States Department of State
United States Department of the Treasury
United States Department of Veterans Affairs
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy
United States Patent Office
University of Montana
Rosalind Uno
Mr. F. L. Van Auken
Veterans Administration, Rehabilitation Research & Development Service
Elizabeth Carter Vincent
Mrs. Mabel Rose Vogel
Lynn W. Vosloh
Mrs. Bertha Wade
Bequest of Louise Walcott
Major Charles M. Walker, U.S.A. (ret.)
Susan M. Wallace
Jean Webster
John E. Welch
Miss Genevieve A. Wheeler
Bequest of Emily Howell Wilkins
Colonel Robert E. Winfrey, U.S.A.F. (ret.)
Catherine C. Winkler
Jerry Wise
Mrs. Kathryn V. Wise
Mrs. Leonard Wood
Estate of William Woodville VIII
Timothy Zlatich
Burton C. Zwibel, DDS


Object Loans

The Museum recognizes the following for their generous loans of objects for this exhibition:

Allied Museum
American Red Cross
Colonel C. H. Berdan
Dames of 1846
Howard and Jean Hart
Dr. Alfred F. Hopkins
iRobot Corporation
Peter Jay
Captain Charles W. Maynard
Major Sherman Miles, U.S.A.
Gustavus Lane Monroe
Colonel John S. Mosby
National Air and Space Museum
National Gallery of Art
National Museum of Natural History
National Museum of the American Indian
National Society of the Colonial Dames of America
Mary Taylor Previte and Carol Orlich
Alfred Rascon
Family of Captain Russell B. Rippetoe
Kerry Sanders
Sandra R. Small
United States Army
United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service
United States Navy
Women in Military Service for America


Special Thanks

Mike LeTourneau
Michael Rhode