World War II (detail from Pearl Harbor photo)

D day

On the choppy waters of the English Channel, nearly 7,000 Allied navy and merchant vessels pushed toward the beaches of Normandy. Overhead, 12,000 bombers and fighter planes poured inland. Soldiers loaded with gear were crowded into open landing craft—tired, cold, stiff, soaked in sea spray. Many were seasick. Wave after wave of troops waded ashore, some in neck-deep water. They were met by withering fire from concrete pillboxes atop high bluffs. Left and right, soldiers fell, blown to bits. Survivors clawed their way forward, securing an Allied foothold in France.

The Stars and Stripes
Douglas A-20 Havoc of the Ninth Air Force bombing enemy supply lines
General Dwight D. Eisenhower speaks to paratroopers bound for Normandy
Waves of paratroopers
Hitting the beaches at Normandy
On the beach
American dead
Six hours after the D day landing

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