Building a National Collection


Old Masters
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New World

Two Early Collectors

Pictures at the Exhibitions

The Artist as Collector

The Schoff Collection

The Ferris Collection

The Sloan Collection


The Curator as Collector

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Building a National Collection
150 Years of Print Collecting at the Smithsonian


1846  Smithsonian Institution established in Washington
1849  Smithsonian purchases Marsh Collection of engravings
1850  West Wing and Range of Smithsonian Institution Building (the Castle) completed and occupied; library and Marsh Collection housed there
1857  U.S. National Museum formed within the Smithsonian
1865  Fire destroys portion of Smithsonian Building; library and some art collections deposited at Library of Congress 
1874  Additional art collections deposited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art
1886  Section of Graphic Arts established; later called Division of Graphic Arts
1888  Graphic Arts exhibition opens in Arts & Industries building
1896  Some art collections recalled from Library of Congress and Corcoran Gallery of Art
1912  Graphic Arts exhibition moves to Smithsonian Building
1965  Graphic Arts exhibition moves to new Museum of History and Technology
1980  Museum of History and Technology renamed National Museum of American History

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