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Building a National Collection
150 Years of Print Collecting at the Smithsonian

J. E. Haid, 1739-1809
after J. J. Mettenleiter, 1750-1825

Jacque Mettenleiter Painter
and Jean Elie Haid Engraver

Mezzotint, 1784
Holman Collection
Museum purchase, 1978

The contemplative appeal of a print collection is evident in this dual portrait. It also represents the close relationship forged between the painter (Mettenleiter) and the engraver (Haid) who interpreted his work for a wider audience.

Boston print dealer Louis Holman (1866-1939) assembled an important collection of printmakers' portraits. The Museum purchased a number of these portraits from Holman's stock and received other examples from it through the generosity of William Greenbaum.

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